[Still from "FRAUENQUOTE"]

           RENATE WOLTRON   

          The Austrian director, writer, actress, producer & editor Renate Woltron
          plays the role of the company staff manager.
          She also wrote the script of Frauenquote and is well known
          as writer and director of many theatre pieces and films.

         Wand vor der Wand  (Austria 2012/13) - director, writer, actress, producer, editor
         Across the Mile (Austria 2011) 89 min. -  director, actress, producer
         Randgänger (Austria 2012), 87 min, dir: Renate Woltron) - director, writer, actress, producer, editor
         Nichtschläfer  (Austria 2011) short  - director, writer, actress, producer, editor
         Glück (Austria 2010) short  -   ddirector, writer, actress, producer, editor



            the Austrian actor and writer plays the role of Mr. Fritz

            Wand vor der Wand  (Austria 2012/13, dir: Renate Woltron)
            Randgänger (Austria 2012, dir: Renate Woltron)     actor, writer
            Collab Feature - The lost backpack  (world 2012, dir: Arne Nostitz, Nino Leitner)
            Across the Mile (Austria 2011, dir:  Michael Thomas, Renate Woltron)
            Nichtschläfer  (Austria 2011, dir: Renate Woltron)
            Elk High 2015 (Austria 2011, short dir: Oliver Gross)   actor, writer
            Wie man leben soll (Austria 2011, dir: David Schalko)
            Katharsis (Austria 2011, 89 min, dir: Kawo Reland)
            Glück (Austria 2010, short, dir: Renate Woltron)
            Zu eng (Austria 2010, short, dir: Clemens Roth)
            Masken (Austria/Germany 2009 short, dir: Kawo Reland)
            Mein Leben (Austria 2005 short, dir: Kawo Reland)
            Radio Nemesis (Austria 2002 short,  dir: Gregor Modrzejwski


  daughter:  KARIN MEIER