I want to thank everybody who helps us to create our new essay film "Adrift".

The first days of shooting in summer 2013 gave us hard weather conditions
for our outdoor shootings but led us to wonderful pictures.
We also expect the winter shootings 2013/14 not easily performed.
But the different seasons are also main concepts of our essay film "Adrift".

If you want to support us, please contact us:  
Reisenbauer Filmproduktion

Andreas Reisenbauer (director/producer)

v.l.n.r.  Leonarda Lerch, Regisseur Andreas Reisenbauer, Make-Up Sawsan Ballobeh,
Anita Zara, Renate Gippelhauser; Foto von Kameramann Alexander Bachmayer

application for public funding submitted 5/2013:  
decision open
BMUKK (Austrian Cultural Ministry is not supporting us)
MA7 (Vienna is not supporting us)