Burnig Out

A music film with the music by Ludex

with  LUDEX
Kaiser Felix - singer & piano
Emil Adensamer - bass
Wendelin Bruchner - electric guitar
Maoui Slupetzky -saxophon
Paul Kircher - drums

John Whitehand, Alexander Bachmayer
assistant director 
Anikka Makarewicz
director of photography
  Alexander Bachmayer
location manager  Refaat Gattas
gaffer Alexander Bachmayer

Burning Out

A music video with music by Ludex

No more wasting time  - Cast

Felix Kaiser 
Anikka Makarewicz
Andreas Reisenbauer

Adensamer Emil
Bruchner Wendelin
Slupetzky Maoui
Kircher Paul

Lucas Raschauer
Olga Redak
Konstantin Köstler
Konrad Müller
Benjamin Newesely  (stand in)
Cedric Serrano
Tim Wu
David Schmid
Jakob Zehetner

pre/post production

editing Andreas Reisenbauer
color correction  Alexander Bachmayer

LUDEX, Andreas Reisenbauer, Alexander Bachmayer

mit freundlicher Unterstïützung von
OEAD / Kulturkontakt Austria

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