Synopsis of the short film Bighellone :
The young aspiring break dancer Marco and the toy merchant Domenico meet one night in a little town in the South of Italy during the pandemic. Marco has been waiting for his mother for hours, Domenico proposes him to look for her together.

Bighellone - Cast

Paolo Petrungaro -  Marco
Floriano Canonaco -  Domenico
Virginio Gallo - 
Giorgia Amantea - 
Noemi Malito - 


(engl."Stray" / 18', AUT/ITA, 2024)

Bighellone - team

written & directed by  Peter Auer-Grumbach
director of photography
Peter Auer-Grumbach
music  Fabrizio Aiello
assistant director
Lorenzo Mannino
unit manager 
editing  Peter Auer-Grumbach , Andreas Reisenbauer(ed. ass)

camera  Peter Auer-Grumbach
gaffer Andreas Reisenbauer
best boy Simona Loghin

sound Federico Sarcone

make-up / special effects
props &  costumes  Valentina Zavoli

color correction  Grégoire Houdoy
making Andreas Reisenbauer
set photographer
titles, artwork Peter Auer-Grumbach

casting assistants
location manager
production assistants
script conultant
  John Whitehand
production Peter Auer-Grumbach


From early on, Peter Auer-Grumbach (born in Graz, Austria 1995) has been interested in the arts, especially in film and music. After gaining professional experience through several projects in Austria and Germany, he started his studies in Performing and Audiovisual Arts at the Université de Lorraine in 2014. His first experience as an actor (“Délectation”, 2016) led him to direct his first short film “80 m²”, which he presented at the Short Film Corner of the Festival de Cannes 2018. During this period, he did an exchange year at the Accademia di Belle Arti di Palermo, where he studied Multimedia Arts. He has consequently finished his Master in Film Esthetics at the Université Toulouse - Jean Jaurès in 2019. The same year, he moved to Vienna where he is currently working as a filmmaker and photographer while following graphic design classes at “Die Graphische”. His last short film “Marino” (2021) has been screened at national and international festivals.